Batman, this needs to stop.

Apparently, slapping Robin wasn’t a one-time thing.

Look, Batman has his problems. There’s the tragic death of his parents, the many failed attempts at love (including his recently botched wedding to Catwoman) and the death of the second Robin Jason Todd at the hands of his arch rival The Joker. But ultimately, Batman’s a good guy – and no amount of trauma would justify an open face slap to the face of your adopted son.

That leads us to this post. We’ve all seen the meme. An angry caped crusader backhands the Boy Wonder with a fill-in the blank caption. 

My Parents are Deeaaaaaad!!!

This is the meme image that went viral. The one that showed Batman taking it to Robin, expressing his man-grief in a blatant show of malevolent power against his young ward. It plays heavily into the “Batman is a sad little boy inside” theory. See also: The LEGO movie.

And this is the original panel. Lucky for us, there’s the KnowYourMeme archive which saved hundreds of hours digging through Silver Age books to find the source art. It’s from World’s Finest #153, where-in Batman (in an alternate reality, of course) believes Superman to be at fault for his parents’ murders.

The original.

And then, there are the continued re-memes, edited for varying amounts of laughs.

But on a recent bagging and boarding expedition, we ran across the following panel and grabbed a quick pic. Unfortunately, we didn’t take the time to note the issue. Let’s all assume this is another alternate reality Batman, shall we? Or should we make the conclusion that this is an ongoing problem for Batsy? Regardless, let’s just pledge to give Robin a break for a bit.

Batman, this needs to stop. Apparently that meme wasn’t a one time thing.
Batman Slaps Robin (again)

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