DC Universe Launches

On September 13, people that pre-ordered the DC Universe service received their official welcome emails. The new app and website experience allows fans of DC Comics characters like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman the chance to binge on all sorts of related content, from TV shows and movies to comic books and forums. 

While the premium content that the service promises like new shows dedicated to Titans, Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing are still on the horizon, classics like Super Friends, Lois & Clark and Young Justice are available to stream now. 

So where do you start? Here are our picks for the top five things to do on DC Universe this weekend.

Dig Deep in the DC Encyclopedia

As kids, we loved the coffee table-size DC Encyclopedia books. Everyone knows Batman’s story – but what about Kite Man or Wonder Woman’s pet kangaroo Jumpa? While the online encyclopedia doesn’t appear to be as complete as some of the fan run sites, this is a solid first-stop to get the official bios before digging deeper.

Binge Watch The Flash

No, not the hip, sparkly CW iteration of The Flash – but the original 1990 series starring John Wesley Shipp (who, thrillingly also plays Barry’s dad and alternate-Earth Flash in the current tv show). Mark Hamill is here, too – playing The Trickster in all his mad glory. The pilot’s gritty 90’s look puts it squarely in the world of Tim Burton’s Batman and is worthy of a revisit.

Read Justice Society of America

Geoff Johns is now the President & CCO of DC Entertainment. In 2006, he was writing the relaunched Justice Society of America. This comic saw the reformation of the classic Golden Age team along with some second generation new recruits. Fall in love with Stargirl, Hawkman and those amazing Alex Ross covers all over again. 

Watch DC Daily

Kevin Smith and Jim Lee

Kevin Smith hosts the first episode of the fan-service talk show DC Daily along with favorites like Tiffany Smith and John Barrowman. Watching this guarantees you’ll be among the first to know about the latest news and releases in the world of DC Entertainment. 

Shop Exclusive Merch

Pick up this perfect 3D rendering of 8 core members of the Justice League Animated crew. Bruce Timm’s classic designs look extra sharp in this set, which is available for pre-order with shipping scheduled in time for the holidays.