Pay Your Way!

We want to make our online store easy to use. Part of that means giving you options on how to make  your payment. We’re happy to announce that Amazon Pay is now an option when checking out.

By checking out with Amazon Pay, you can use your saved Amazon payment methods right here at Neighborhood Comics. Credit card, debit card, gift cards, you name it! If you’ve saved it on, you can use it here. You also have immediate access to your saved shipping addresses. So, if you’re sending a gift to a family member or need to send your comics to your office (why not?) and you’ve shipped there in the past from Amazon, it’s available with a click.

Here’s how it works:

  1. When in your shopping cart, click on the Amazon Pay button.
  2. Next, authorize your account by logging in to Amazon in the pop-up window.
  3. You’ll then select your shipping address and payment method from your saved Amazon information.

Change your mind and want to use Paypal or a credit card instead? Just click “Log Out” at the top of the checkout screen. Then, you’ll be presented with the full set of payment options.

That’s it!

Amazon Pay is just one of our options. You can also check out with Paypal or with a credit card without using a Paypal account. If you have any problems with making an online purchase, let us know