Seattle in Savannah: An ECCC Make-Up Mini-Con

Seattle in Savannah

Sadly, Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle was canceled for next weekend. Several of Savannah’s sequential artists were planning to attend. To help ease the burden of missing the con, we’re hosting a “make-up mini-con” on Saturday. This is a great chance to support your local creators!


Saturday, March 14, 2020
Neighborhood Comics
1205 Bull St. Savannah GA
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Confirmed Exhibitors

David Allan Duncan

David Allan Duncan (who goes by DUNCAN) has been teaching drawing, sequential art, and comics history since 2003. He began his teaching career at the University of Arizona in Tucson, where he was working on his comic strip Gobnobble, which has since developed into an ongoing series of comic stories. He now serves as a full-time professor of sequential art at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) where he was chair of the Sequential Art department for two years.

Ray Goto

Ray Goto is a cartoonist, illustrator and a professor at the Savannah College of Art and Design. 

Ray is a regular presenter and exhibitor at comic conventions in addition to his professional artistic output.

Corin Howell

Corin Howell is a comic book artist whose recent contributions include DARK RED, published by Aftershock, and The Girl in the Bay, published by Dark Horse. Previous credits include illustrating comics such as Bat-Mite, Transformers, Ghostbusters, The Mighty Zodiac and Calamity Kate.

Meredith Laxton

Meredith Laxton is an illustrator and comic book artist whose recent credits include The Crow: Hark the Herald for IDW Publishing. She has long been inspired by the storytelling of comics and tabletop RPGs. Her background in multimedia design and animation has aided her art career in the indie gaming scene with companies like Puny Human Games and InXile entertainment. Meredith’s additional credits include work for Humanoids and Source Point Press.

Justin Osterling

Justin Osterling is an illustrator and comic book artist. His current project is DRYAD, created with Kurtis Wiebe (Rat Queens), for Oni Press.

Justin’s additional credits include work for DC Comics, Image Comics, Wizards of the Coast, HiFi Color and more.

Kate Sherron

Kate Sherron is a comic book artist and sequential art professor at SCAD. Her recent work includes serving as writer and artist on IDW’s My Little Pony and illustrating Oni Press’ Invader Zim and Archaia’s Jim Henson’s Labrinth: A Discovery Adventure. Kate’s newest project is Chained to the Grave, a creator-owned property coming from IDW in May 2020.