Comics & Coronavirus

The store is back to full operations. Visit us in person or online. Thanks for your support.

Update 3.26.20: We are closed for browsing. Scheduled in-person pickup is available please call or email for options. Customers are encouraged to use our digital tools and mail order services during this unprecedented time.

Pre-order at our shop or at the ComicHub customer portal

We wanted to reach out and proactively let you know that we are sensitive to local concerns about the coronavirus pandemic. We especially want to communicate to our customers who are SCAD students who will be transitioning to online courses in the spring and may be away from Savannah over the summer. Even though you cannot come into the store, we are dedicated to being your comic book provider

A Message from Lee, Shop Co-owner


We encourage you to set up an account at if you have not already done so. This allows you to see what is in your subscriptions and special orders folder and to make online payments. Check out our getting started with ComicHub page. We are happy to mail your comics on a schedule of your choosing. Shipping is as low as $3 a box. It’s affordable and easy to set up.

If you’d prefer to not use ComicHub, please email the shop with any changes to your subscriptions or shipping preferences.

Do Stuff!

Looking for a creative project? Make a comic! Download our Comic Strip Quarantine template and share your story with us.

Gift Comics

Want to send a comic book care package to a kid you love? We have packs available for elementary, middle and high schoolers. We’re also a donation partner for Loop it Up Savannah’s #ArtSmart kits for Savannah’s youth. You can donate comics, books, art supplies and gift cards from our shop in person or online. If buying online, please follow up via phone or email to say your order is for Loop it Up.

Thank you for your support. Stay healthy.

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