Blind Luck Debuts Wednesday, 4/29

This Wednesday at 2PM EST, join us on Facebook Live for “Blind Luck” a comic book game show! Get all the details at our Facebook event or click the link in our Insta bio.

Tune in to the pilot episode of “Blind Luck: A Live Comic Book Game Show” on Wednesday, April 29 at 2:00 PM.

Do you love the thrill of the comic book hunt? Do you love surprises? Do you just plain old love comics? This is the show for you. On “Blind Luck,” contestants purchase a blind lot of comic books based on theme and price. For example: A $25 blind lot of X-Men comics. On the show, we conference-in the contestant and reveal their lot LIVE on the show. The contestant can then choose to keep the lot OR choose the mystery bundle behind door number two…

Want to be a contestant? Go here to purchase your lot:

The blind lots are a set of 1-20 comic books grouped by a specific theme and price. You are guaranteed to have a retail value of AT LEAST the amount charged for the lot. The lots titled “True Blind” are for you risk takers who love all comics and want to truly roll the dice.

After you buy your lot, look for an email from us with information about your show (date and time).

We’ll also ask the following questions:
1. Do you want to call in to the show or play via text?
2. Do you want to use your real name?
3. A secret question, the answer to which may come into play during the game.

Are the comic book gods on your side? Play and find out!

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