CBLDF Summer Reading Challenge

summer reading challenge

We’re proud to partner with the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund to sponsor a summer reading challenge. This is open to all young readers up to age 18.

For the next 12 weeks, participants are challenged to read one graphic novel or comic book a week based on a specific theme. If you complete all 12 weeks, you receive a blind bag of awesome comic books. And one lucky winner will get an original piece of artwork by the creator of Punk Taco!

Here are the prompts:

  1. Banned or Challenged
    Did you know Drama by Raina Telgmeier was banned in Texas?
  2. Based on a True Story
    They Called Us Enemy by George Takei details his experiences as a Japanese American in World War II.
  3. Part of a Series
    You can’t go wrong with Amulet!
  4. Takes Place on Another World
    Sea of Stars is beautiful and definitely otherworldly.
  5. Main Character is an Animal
    Where to start? How about Sonic the Hedgehog?
  6. Has a Hero
    SO MANY CHOICES. Might as well go with the OG in Superman Smashes the Klan.
  7. Won an Award
    Punk Taco by Adam and Makana Walenta. Stay tuned for our new all-ages book club where we discuss Punk Taco AND talk to the author!
  8. Written and Drawn by the Same Person
    Aggretsuko #2 was written and illustrated by Savannah local Jarrett Williams.
  9. Takes Place During Summer
    Nothing says summer like camp. Lumberjanes it is!
  10. Came Out This Year
    Science, friendship and Bug Boys. New for 2020.
  11. Based on a Movie or TV Show
    The Netflix update of Lost in Space is great and the comic is no exception.
  12. Takes Place in School
    From the creator of Goosebumps, Just Beyond. Welcome to scare school!

To claim your prize, bring this completed form to the store between August 24 and September 4, 2020.