Your New Favorite Comic Book Podcast

comic book podcast

It has been so much fun talking to creators on our weekly video chats. We’re taking the next logical step and putting them out as a comic book podcast!

Listen to the Latest Episode of Neighborhood Comics Convo:

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We’ll be expanding our little comic book podcast in the future to talk with readers, fans, shop owners and more in addition to our favorite comic book writers and artists.

Our first two episodes are out now, with more to follow next week. Here’s the rundown (so far!).

  • Episode 1: Comic book artist Josh Hood (We Can Never Go Home, Avatar)
  • Episode 2: Comic book artist Jey Odin (Lemonade Code)
  • Episode 3: Comic book artist Kate Sherron (My Little Pony, Chained to the Grave)
  • Episode 4: Comic book writer Zac Thompson (I Breathed a Body, Lonely Receiver)
  • Episode 5: Comic book artist Justin Barcelo (Dryad, DC’s New 52)
  • Episode 6: Comic book artist Jarrett Williams (Yo Gabba Gabba, Rick and Morty, Harper Sharp)

Do you have an idea for an episode? A guest in the comic book industry you’d like us to speak with? Audio engineering tips? Reach out and let us know. You can use the app to leave us voice messages and you just might hear yourself on the show.