Neighborhood Comics Launches Comic Artist-in-Residence Program

Neighborhood Comics today announced its Comic Artist-in-Residence Program, a new initiative which connects comic book fans with creators.

The Comic Artist-in-Residence Program gives Savannah-area comic book illustrators a chance to interact with the public by showcasing their skills, works in progress, commission opportunities and selling original artwork.

Each month, one local comic book illustrator will be provided a dedicated space inside the store to work on projects. Customers are invited to look on as the artist creates comics, storyboards, layouts and more, and will be able to ask questions, interact with the artist, and purchase original art.

“As a creator-focused comic book store, we see this as a great opportunity for both readers and artists,” says Lee Heidel, Owner at Neighborhood Comics. “Watching art progress into a story is a thrilling, unique experience to share.”

victor alpi

The first artist participating in the program is Victor Alpi. Victor is a Savannah-based comic artist with a background in fine art and a degree in sequential art and painting from SCAD. He’s currently working on his creator-owned comic book The Humarks as well as a fantasy Western comic. Victor will be on-site creating his art throughout the month of June, 2021.

Applications for comic artists are now open for July and beyond. Interested comic book artists can apply online at: