Blind Bag: Superhero Pack


Our World Famous Blind Bag Comic Book Extravaganza is a blind bag pack of 10 super hero comic books for a sweet low price.


Our World Famous Blind Bag Comic Book Extravaganza is a blind bag pack of 10 comic books for a sweet low price.

This is the Superhero Pack. Superheroes are super popular. You can expect to find big names like Superman, Batman, Captain America, Spider-man and the like as well as some lesser known heroes that you may come to love just as much. These books are rated T (Teen) or T+ by the publishers. These blind bags typically range in cover price value of $40-50. Products shown in the photo are a sample of the type of books that are included in these bags – but are not guaranteed to be in your bag.


What’s in the bag?

Comic books.

Which comic books?

It’s a surprise. I can’t tell you.

How are the books packaged?

The comic books in these sets are packaged in a completely opaque, tear-resistant bag shored up with two comic backing boards to help prevent damage and keep the books flat. There’s even a fun sticker on the front that mimics a nutritional label, pretending that comics are good for you! It makes a nice little gift.

Will I get duplicate books?

No duplicates, guaranteed. If our interns screw up and you get a duplicate, let us know.

Are these books appropriate for my kid?

Age appropriateness will vary by child. The books in these packs are rated Teen or Teen plus. That said, the storylines and characters may be of interest to younger readers, but we recommend parents preview the books first.

What condition are the books in?

The condition varies. Assume that they are “reader copies” – meaning that all pages are there and that the books are intact. Expect some shelf wear but no real damage. Most books are not individually bagged and boarded inside the packs. Be pleasantly surprised and how great they look after you’re lowered your expectations.

Have you hidden an Action Comics #1 in one of the bags?

No, are you crazy? However, there are some more recent #1s and higher value comics mixed in to make the digging fun. Plus, we also throw in fun things like stickers and discount codes on occasion. Be sure to check your bag thoroughly!

Additional information

Weight30 oz
Dimensions7 × 1 × 10 in