Artist-in-Residence Profile: Meredith Laxton

meredith laxton

November 2021’s Artist-in-Residence is the amazing Meredith Laxton.

Meredith is the artist behind the beautiful MPLS Sound graphic novel published by Humanoids. They also illustrated The Crow: Hark the Herald and produced multiple mini-comics.

“Meredith is an incredible talent and I can’t believe how lucky Savannah is to have them,” said Neighborhood Comics owner Lee Heidel. “They can create everything from sweet to the macabre and everything in between. Versatile, fun and energetic, that’s Meredith!”

Meredith has previously guested at Neighborhood Comics for signings and on special events like Seattle in Savannah.

Meredith working in the shop, November 2021

From Meredith’s Portfolio