Top Selling Graphic Novels of 2022

Top Selling Graphic Novels of 2022

Graphic novels continued to be a standout category for us in 2022. With both legacy titles continuing year-over-year growth and brand new graphic novels from local authors, this year's top selling graphic novels list has something for everyone.

One of our favorite things about this list (and our single issue best sellers list) is the number of all-ages titles. Getting young readers excited about comics is the best!

10. Paper Girls Vol 1

There's no stopping Paper Girls - well, the graphic novels at least. For fans saddened about the cancellation of the Amazon Prime television show, there's still plenty to learn about Erin and her crew. This is a perennial best seller and a great pick up for high school students and beyond.

9. Expedition Backyard

The first of several all-ages books on this list, Expedition Backyard is a nonfiction exploration of urban and rural biological and botanical science and encourages journaling and paying close attention to the natural world. 

8. Comic Book Lesson

"How to" books saw continued growth in our store during 2022. This one in particular is delightfully formatted and is easy for upper elementary through high school students to dig in and explore their creativity. 

7. Super Powers Vol 1

Art Balthazar is the GOAT. His character designs are so fun and playful. This is a great book for fans of his beloved Tiny Titans series.

6. Wait Till Helen Comes

Local artist Meredith Laxton makes an appearance AGAIN on this year's list. Last year's MPLS Sound was a big hit and Meredith's signing and support for Wait Till Helen Comes shows that this one will be with us for years to come.

5. Saga Vol 10

To say folks were excited about the return of Saga was an understatement! A number of traditional graphic novel readers also switched over to single issue subscriptions, which is always nice to see.

4. Nightmare in Savannah

Our store-exclusive bookplates certainly didn't hurt sales on this YA title with a local bent. Tourists and locals alike couldn't get enough.

3. Liminal Zone

A new Junji Ito book means dollar signs. The master of body horror returned with this latest feast (perhaps the wrong word choice) for the senses.

2. Hammer Vol 1

Local superstar Jey Odin and his crew at Saturday AM put out a fantastic one-two punch with the Hammer graphic novels. American manga with diverse characters and points of view. What's not to love?

1. Spider-Ham Hollywood May-Ham

Surprising no one, the latest Spider-Ham book actually surpassed sales of volume one! That growth is in large part to the push from artist Shadia Amin, who supported the store through a signing as well as regular social media messaging. We're so thrilled to share Shadia's work with our readers! This is the second year in a row that Shadia (and Spider-Ham!) have held the top spot on our sales chart. 

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