Sell Your Comic Book Collection

sell your comics

Do you have a comic book collection to sell? If you’re in or around Savannah, GA, Neighborhood Comics should be your first stop.

We buy comic books, select magazines, vintage toys, statues and related collectibles. If it’s related to comic books, we probably buy it!

How to Sell Your Comics

The first step is to reach out and contact us. Once we know more about your collection, we’ll schedule a time for you to meet with an appraiser. If you have a smaller number of books to sell, we will most likely meet at our downtown store. If it’s a large collection, we’ll meet you at the Clubhouse.

Getting a Comic Book Appraisal

We use recent eBay sold prices to determine values on individual key comic books. We inform you of the “retail” price of your collection. The important word here is “sold” prices. Not “for sale” listings. That gives us a real view of the current market. We also have a number of guides that we use for quickly breaking down large collections.

What is a Key Comic Book?

Keys are single issue comics that are more highly sought after by collectors. For example, this might include a first appearance of a character or a major plot point.

Which Comics Get Top Dollar?

Key issues in high grade condition will yield the highest payout. High grade means no dirt, folds, tears, etc. That said, even if a comic isn’t in perfect condition, it may still have value. Just because a comic is in a protective sleeve, that does not make it mint.

You will always make more money if you sell the comics directly to another collector (via eBay, etc). By selling to a comic shop, you are moving a high volume of books at a “wholesale” price. That means we’ll need room to profit by selling to collectors.

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