Sell Your Mini-comics & Zines

Supporting our community's artists is integral to our mission. To that effect, we carry min-comics and zines from Savannah-area creatives.

Interested in submitting? Here's the process.

Send an inquiry email to with images of your book, dimensions, page count, the pitch and price. 

Your pitch is a 1-3 sentence synopsis of what the book is about, who it is for and comparable titles (if available) for reference.


This mini-comic is 4"x6", 20 pages and features a screen-printed cardstock cover for $4.99 retail. It tells my personal story of being cut from the high school football team in the early 2000s and is perfect for fans of Blue Lock, Mean Girls or other high school memoirs and fiction.

We evaluate submissions on a rolling basis. Just because you don't hear back right away doesn't mean we don't want your book!

We pay artists up front for inventory via 50% wholesale pricing. If you sell your book for $5 at cons, we pay you $2.50 and also sell the book for $5. Based on your pricing and pitch we'll buy 3 or more copies. Once those sell out, we'll come back for a reorder.

Note that we do not sell books with aggressive violence or sexual imagery or that involve hate speech or minimizing communities or individuals.